You Can Know Victory over Pornography, Lust and Masturbation - the Purity Coach is Here to Help!

Victory is possible ... believe me, I know. I was addicted to pornography and masturbation for over 30 years of my life, but God has set me free! This website and The Purity Coach are here to show you how you too can be free from the pull of porn and the lure of lust.

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We Offer Some Great Resources to Help with Sexual Purity

Here are just three. For a complete list be sure to select "Resources" in the menu above.

My Purity Coach

This FREE App is available for IOS, Android and Windows. It works across all mobile devices and is a great tool to help you take captive your thoughts!

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Internet Accountability

Pornography is easily accessible - be it through your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Covenant Eyes is a great tool for helping you stay pure online.

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Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. The Purity Coach is here to pray with you and offer you helpful coaching and direction from Scripture!

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About The Purity Coach

The Purity Coach is a ministry focused on helping men develop the Biblical skills necessary to defeat lust, pornography and masturbation (self-gratification) - in short: to be sexually pure.

A Testimony of God's Grace

Steve Etner - The Purity Coach - with his amazing wife Heather

2 Corinthians 1:4 says that God is the “God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”

Although Heather and I do NOT have the picture perfect marriage, we have learned to go to God with our problems because the Word of God has the answers for every situation in life. Oh, we still struggle thru our sinfulness. But we rejoice in what God is doing in our lives, and in the privilege of comforting others with the comfort we received from God. 

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No matter what sin issues you may be battling with, no matter where you may be in your walk with God, or in your marriage relationship - don’t give up hope, don’t quit, don’t allow discouragement to defeat you. God has a perfect plan for your life. God is at work – even now – molding you into the Christ-follower He wants you to be. Stop fighting Him, stop trying to take over the process, and trust Him with EVERYTHING.

Lay it on the altar and just walk away. Then open your Bible and read, study, mediate and memorize it. Let God’s truth saturate your mind and fill your heart, and as Romans 13:14 challenges us “don’t even think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.”  Rather, as Romans 12:2 commands, allow God to transform you as you renew mind.

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The Purity Coach is a part of Pure Man Ministry, and is committed to helping men develop the Biblical skills necessary to defeat lust, pornography and masturbation (self-gratification) - in short: to become hungry to live in purity, passionate for God's Word, and aware of the practical answers from Scripture that make it all possible.

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All too often men's conferences are more like pep-rallies designed to guilt or motivate men into "doing better." The Pure Man Men's Conference is a time geared to get men, ages 13 & up, into Scripture and learn what purity and godliness is according to God, and how to implement that into their lives.

This is not just another men's conference. There is preparation that each man is encouraged to do before the Pure Man Men's Conference. This includes praying specifically for the conference, studying and Steve Etner speaking to men on sexual purity, porn addiction and masturbationmeditating on specific passages of Scripture, and focusing on questions geared to get them prepared for what God is going to do.

During the conference, each session includes a time set aside for men to get together in small groups and discuss practical applications of the session they were just in, with a strong emphasis upon accountability.

This is war, and we will know true victory as we stand side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, back to back, encouraging one another as together we pursue purity for Christ!

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Do You Want To Be A PURE MAN?

Let us help you know victory over addiction to porn, lust and masturbation.

Download The My Purity Coach App

This FREE App is a great tool to get your mind off of the temptation to look at porn and on to the victory Christ provides.

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  • Help Memorizing Scripture on Purity
  • Focuses Your Mind on Christ
  • Podcasts on Purity
  • Blogs on Sexual Purity
  • Topical Bible Study
  • Link to Call Steve

Check out all kinds of helps for purity, victory over sin, and how to glorify God with your life. After you've downloaded and enjoyed the content, be sure to share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and even email!

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Hide God's Word in Your Heart

  • Key Verses on Purity
  • Test Your Memory
  • Power in Memorization
  • Tools for Victory

As you memorize these verses (Psa. 119:11), you are giving the Holy Spirit the tool He needs to remind you of God's promises (Jn. 14:26)

As you choose to live by these verses, you won't easily give in to temptation (Gal. 5:16 cp. Psa. 119:9)!

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I Need HELP Now!

  • Scripture Verses on Purity
  • Focus Your Mind on God not Self
  • Instant Access
  • Directs Attention Away from Temptation

This section is to HELP! you when you feel the strong pull of temptation and are about to give in.

Tap "HELP!" and make the time to read God's Word - getting your mind off the temptation and on God.

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Steve talks candidly about Sexual Purity

  • 5 Minute Devotionals
  • 60-second thoughts on Purity
  • Talks from the Heart
  • Directs Attention Away from Temptation

Listen to Steve share truth from God's Word on how to know real, lasting victory over and freedom from the grip of lust and pornography.

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